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Treatment for Migraine, Headache, Neck Pain, Concussion

Treatment of headaches and migraines at Bayside Headache Clinic focuses on the joints and muscles of the neck and jaw.

We may be able help manage your headaches if you:

  • Rely on medication to relieve your headaches or migraines.

  • Have never had your neck assessed or treated for your headaches or migraines.

  • Have had limited or poor results with manual therapy in the past.

How can we help?

We treat the joints in your neck and back as well as the supporting muscles which can refer pain to your head and face.

Treatment typically involves calming down or deactivating the trigger points in the muscles of the neck, shoulder and jaw. Trigger points are tight and irritated bands of muscle which can lead to localised and referred pain, restricted movement and increased sensitivity of the nerves in the spine and brain stem.

One of the most effective methods for treating trigger points is dry needling. It is a very quick and effective method for deactivating tight bands of muscle and reducing the sensitivity of involved spinal segments.

A range of treatment approaches are available for patients that may not like having dry needling performed, other hands-on techniques can be used instead.

How does it work?

Dysfunction in the upper neck can cause irritation to areas of the brain stem - the part of the brain responsible for vision, eye movement, hearing, balance, facial sensation and expression, amongst other functions. Nerves that supply the joints and muscles of the neck interact with nerves from the brainstem and so reducing the dysfunction in the neck, can reduce pain, restriction and associated symptoms like dizziness, nausea, blurred vision as well as sensitivity to sound, light and touch.


The aim of treatment is to: 

  • provide noticeable relief within the first 24 hours,

  • reduced symptoms with each successive treatment,

  • provide advice and strategies to reduce pain, avoid headache triggers and educate our patients about what causes their headaches or migraines.

For more information about our treatment approach, visit our Treatment page.

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Focusing solely on the treatment of headaches and migraines allows us to deliver the highest standard of care to help you manage your pain and give you strategies to prevent it from coming back


Trigger Point Dry Needling allows treatment of headaches by calming the source of the pain in the brain and spinal cord in a more effective way than previously possible with manual therapy alone. Diagnosis and treatment becomes quicker and more effective. Applied correctly, Dry Needling can often deliver faster relief of symptoms with less chance of side effects  compared to traditional manual therapy techniques.

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Headaches and neck pain often occur together with many headaches and migraines caused or aggravated by neck pain. Identifying the cause of the dysfunction in the neck, whether it be a joint, muscle or postural problems further down the spine is essential for relieving symptoms. Thorough examination of the neck and spine along with the muscles, posture and jaw will help determine the right course of action for each individual patient. Acute wry neck (torticollis), whiplash injuries, joint restriction and trigger points are conditions we treat with great success everyday.


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