• Craig White

Headache or Migraine?? It could be your neck.

A headache or migraine can come from a variety of sources including fatigue, stress, food allergies, injury/ trauma, alcohol or medication but many people have symptoms that originate or can be aggravated by dysfunction in the neck.

Joint tightness, inflammation or muscle spasm in the neck can lead to pain in the head and face as well as symptoms including dizziness, nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light or sound, pressure behind the eye or in the head.

Dysfunction in the upper neck from C1-C3 can lead to sensitivity in the part of the brainstem that supplies the face and is responsible for balance, hearing, vision and sensation. In addition to this, trigger points (tight irritated and inflamed muscles) in the neck can refer pain to the face, neck and head.

Having your headache or migraine professionally assessed will highlight the cause of your headache and if it is related to the joints or muscles of the neck. Specific details about your pain will give clues to the structures involved which is then confirmed by skilled and systematic assessment.

It is crucial that the familiar pain is reproduced and then reduced as part of the assessment process to show not only that it can be identified but it can be positively treated.

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